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Avoiding common divorce mistakes in California

California residents whose marriages are coming to an end will go through many changes after their divorces are finalized. However, by staying organized ahead of time, it is less likely that a divorcing spouse will make mistakes that could have long lasting implications. For those who have children, it is important to fully understand their rights as parents and how their parenting plan actually works.

Why prenups are a good idea

When couples in California get married, the last thing they want to think about is the possibility that their relationship may one day come to an end. For this reason, many couples choose to forgo a prenuptial agreement and leave things to chance. Unfortunately for these couples, the odds aren't that great. Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, and that number can climb higher for folks who are on their second or third marriages. The reality is that even very loving couples sometimes encounter obstacles that make it impossible to continue their relationship.

Having a baby out of wedlock does not spell divorce later

According to research from the Council on Contemporary Families, in the past, women who had their first baby before marriage were more likely to get a divorce than women who got married first. However, California women may be happy to hear that this is no longer the case.

Women more likely to initiate divorces

California couples may be interested in a recent study that found that women are much likelier to file for divorce from their husbands than are men. Interestingly, the same study found there was no difference between women and men in who was more likely to initiate a breakup of a non-marital relationship, however.

What to expect at the initial consultation for a divorce case

Many people who go through a divorce in California do not know what to expect during the process. A divorce attorney may be able to help relieve some of the uncertainty by preparing a divorcing spouse for each step. Before a divorcing spouse can enlist the help of an attorney, an initial consultation with the attorney must be arranged.

Avoiding common mistakes with divorce

Many California couples whose marriages are coming to an end find themselves confronting the divorce legal process for the first time. Even those on their second or third time through divorce court may overlook some important facts and details that could have major effects on their case. It may be helpful to review some of the most common mistakes that many people make while going through a divorce.

Dealing with parental issues in custody cases

California family courts evaluate custody decisions in light of the needs and interests of the children that will be affected. Because the best interest of a child is a high priority, it is not a foregone conclusion that a parent with a past involving drug abuse, domestic violence or other negative behaviors will be prevented from having any type of custody. Although joint legal custody might not be ordered if a parent is considered unfit, in many other cases, a parent will be legally entitled to be a part of the decision-making process. In fact, physical custody might be possible if the parent's negative issues are not recent.

How same-sex marriage is already affecting divorce

The U.S. Supreme Court recently made a landmark decision when they ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal in all states. All across the United States, same-sex couples have already gotten married or started to plan a wedding they didn't think they would have.

Can Californians file an alienation of affection lawsuit?

Many marriages break up because of the involvement of a third party. Maybe there is an overly-influential in-law or a jealous ex looking to destroy a relationship. In many cases, however, this third party is a person with whom a spouse is having an extramarital affair.

Delivering divorce papers gets social

Social media plays a bigger role in our relationships than ever before. Sites like Facebook serve as a means of connecting people and facilitating communication all across the world. It also can be an important factor when it comes to disputes between spouses. Facebook activities often come up in divorce hearings if there are allegations of infidelity or other exchanges that could impact property division or child custody.

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