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Errors in stories about celebrity divorces

Salacious media reports about celebrities and their sometimes extravagant lifestyles are common in California, and stories about rich and famous couples who are ending their marriages are a particularly popular form of grist for the tabloid mill. Reporters often seek to flesh out these stories by interviewing the attorneys involved or speculating about the legal strategies that could be adopted, but what appears in print may not always withstand the scrutiny of legal experts.

Financial ramifications of a divorce

An attorney may not be the only person California residents need on their side during a divorce. It may also be a good idea to hire a financial adviser as part of the divorce settlement team. Financial advisers may be able to find hidden assets or explain the true financial value of a given asset both today and in the long run.

Age at divorce changes over decades

Based on a survey that looks at age and divorce, California couples may be more likely to get divorced after the age of 40 than in previous decades. The survey examined census data from 1960 and 1980 along with 2013 data from the Minnesota Population Center's Integrated Microdata Sample Project to compare ages at which people were more likely to be divorced, separated or in second or later marriages.

Divorce and protection of assets

Although money issues can be among the top challenges leading to the end of a marriage, the problems can become even worse during and after the divorce process, especially if the parties going through the situation are not attentive to certain potential pitfalls. California couples should pay attention to their financial affairs as they enter a divorce in order to avoid costly mistakes that could affect them both right away as well as years later.

Tips for getting a divorce in 2016

California couples contemplating a divorce in 2016 need to plan ahead to make sure their affairs are in order. They also should meet with professionals to make sure that a divorce is the best option for them at this time. After doing their homework, they may decide it's more convenient to stay married.

Taking steps to prevent future divorce

Most Californians who are either planning to marry or who have already tied the knot do not want to think about the possibility that they might divorce. Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that a marriage will end. It is important for people to take steps to protect themselves in case things don't work out.

Divorce among older California couples

While divorce rates overall have dropped, the rate of divorce of people over 50 around the country has continued to climb, to about double what it was in 1990, according to a study by Bowling Green State University researchers. Experts say longer lifespans, the reduction of social stigma attached to divorce and other factors have all contributed to the increase.

Tips for divorcing entrepreneurs

Some married entrepreneurs might be afraid of divorcing their spouses because of the possibility that they will lose their businesses in the process. Although California is a community property state, which means that all assets acquired during a marriage are marital property, there are several steps that business owners could take to avoid losing their companies.

Avoiding common divorce mistakes in California

California residents whose marriages are coming to an end will go through many changes after their divorces are finalized. However, by staying organized ahead of time, it is less likely that a divorcing spouse will make mistakes that could have long lasting implications. For those who have children, it is important to fully understand their rights as parents and how their parenting plan actually works.

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